Hesgoal Football UK Live Streams Today – Alternatives

Hesgoal Football UK Live Stream Alternatives.

Hesgoal.com no longer works, but there are plenty of other websites available that are picking up the slack. The Hesgoal Pro version is also no longer an option.

We have compiled a list of alternative websites that show today’s available football game streams, below:

Has Hesgoal Been Shut Down?

It appears that Hesgoal, a popular sports and football streaming website, has been shut down by United States law enforcement authorities. The website was seized along with several other sports streaming sites including score808.com, 9goaltv.cc, freestreams-live1.com, weakstreams.com, and istream2watch.com.

Football fans have crowded social media to react to the news of Hesgoal’s shutdown [1]. The website’s shutdown has caused concern among fans as it happened just before the FIFA World Cup 2022 finals..

It should be noted that as of the current date (15/03/2023), the website has not reappeared under a new name, as some reports suggested it might.

Hesgoal Alternative Websites.

Are there any good, working Hesgoal alternatives?

Yes, there are several good alternative websites to Hesgoal for football streaming. Here is a list with brief descriptions:

  • Ronaldo7: A popular website dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo that also offers live sports streaming.
  • Sportsurge: A comprehensive sports directory that provides links to live streaming of various sports, including football.
  • VIPleague: A website that claims to be “nuts for sports” and provides links to live streams of various sports events, including football.
  • 6Streams: A website that offers links to live sports streams, including football, and provides users with the option to choose from multiple streams for a single event.
  • MyP2P: A website that offers links to live sports streaming from various sources and has a user-friendly interface.
  • StreamEast: A website that provides links to live sports streaming, including football, and claims to be one of the top free sports streaming websites.

It should be noted that the legality of using these alternative websites to stream football matches may vary by country and region. Users are advised to research the legality of such activities in their respective locations before using any of these websites.